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Rue des Minimes 55
1000 Brussels, Belgium
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Thematic exhibition: JAPANESE METALWORK

Many of the techniques related to artistic metalwork are passed down in secret from master to apprentice, and have been maintained and refined throughout the history. Japanese metalwork artists are very skilful and their alloys are sometimes unknown in other parts of the world (shakudo, shibuichi, rogin, shirome, sentoku, hakudo etc...) and so is their richness of applying patinas (murashido, seido, shido or kodo). With this exhibition, Kitsune gallery, provides an overview of metal art from the late Edo-period up to modern times.

Kitsune gallery is devoted to Japanese art reflecting the inner soul of Japan. The items selected are primarily of native taste; aiming to embody Japanese culture and its rich tradition through different art forms and exploring the beauty in daily life characterized by a certain simplicity, which is unpretentious and original. The main selection of items encompasses folk art, scholar art, samurai art and divine art.

Arie Vos and his wife Stella Melis, the directors of Kitsune Japanese Art, regularly organize special exhibitions and they participate at international fairs. Arie is founding member of Asian Art in Brussels and part of the organizing committee.

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