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Dear Friends,

On June 7th, the second edition of “CULTURES, the world arts fair” throws open the doors to about 70 exhibiting galleries at the Sablon in Brussels. The 3 associations AAB (Asian Art), BAAF (Ancient Art) and BRUNEAF (Tribal Art) joined forces again. BRUNEAF, with its new board, brings fresh ideas; strengthening the future of “CULTURES” as an important fair with a unique concept. Our aim is to build opportunities for both the participants and the visitors of the fair. Again we have a solid lecture program for 2017 that goes under the name “ArtConnoisseurs Talks” (a collaboration between the 3 associations and BIAPAL (Brussels International Art Promotion and Logistics)). The lectures will be filmed and will be available online for those who will not be able to attend, and for those who still want to share these moments.

With a wide variety of art objects from diverse cultures we are also hoping to entice a younger generation of art collectors. Note that a large part of exhibited items would fit in modernist / contemporary interior design. The best of these artworks will be recorded in a newly designed catalogue of larger format in comparison to the 2016 edition.

The collaboration with BAAF & BRUNEAF has produced an extensive campaign of communication in all major art magazines. The marketing of our new brand “CULTURES” is in our opinion a good way forward in order to achieve the widest recognition and to place ourselves among the top art fairs. We were rewarded by enthusiastic response and this initial success has been for us a great motivation to prepare the 2017 edition.

CULTURES brings together many nationalities from all over the world…something to fight for. We hope that the visitors will enjoy this fantastic week of art, culture and events, which is an opportunity to acquire one or more selected artworks that have passed through the hands of our vetting committee, who along with Art Loss Register, have assured the impeccable quality of the exhibits.

We hope to see you soon.

Arie Vos
Through the Lectures, Deborah Klimburg-Salter will present and autograph her book « The Tucci Expeditions and Tibetan Paintings »

During his first voyages of exploration to the Indian Himalayas from 1926, Giuseppe Tucci encountered a world poor in material comforts but rich in wisdom. These wisdom traditions had been transcribed in brilliant colours into pictures of teachers, gods, and their paradises, covering the interior walls of mud brick temples. From 1926 up to his last Tibetan expedition in 1948, Tucci was able to collect over 200 portable paintings. Each of the paintings has its own story, which the volume brings to life through photographs of traditional Tibet from the Tucci expeditions, as well as contributions on the meaning of the sacred images. Through these paintings, the viewer can see images of a Cosmos that reflect our earthly existence, where every being has his/her own place but is connected, in ever widening circles, with everything around, and also whit what has come before and is waiting in the future.

Buddhist Initiation Paintings of the Yuan period (1271-1368) in the Sino-Himalayan style
by Jane Casey

Pagan, between India and China
by Claudine Bautze-Picron

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